21st Century Global Disasters

Dec, 2004 - The magnitude-9.3 Indian Ocean earthquake and consequent Sumatran tsunami was estimated to have caused more than 225,000 fatalities. It affected a wider area and many more people than any other recent disaster.

August, 2005 - Hurricane Katrina killed more than 1,800 people and caused more damage in financial terms than any other disaster in American history. Its effects are felt today today as New Orleans and many communities along the coast still struggle to rebuild a socio-economic culture and  infrastructure.

Oct, 2005 - Magnitude-7.6 earthquake in Pakistan killed over 40,000 people. - The destruction was due in part to the quake's intensity over a widespread area.

May, 2008 - The number of deaths from Cyclone Nargis is still uncertain but has been put at over 140,000. The Cyclone was completely unprepared for, and many died due to a lack of minimal shelter.








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